The waterfall

The sacred waterfall provides a beautiful cleansing with high vibrational energy. We will attend this treatment during the retreat.

The rules are as follows:

Opening hours: 6:00 am – 5:30 pm (6:00 – 17:30). Everyone should be out from the waterfall at 5:30 pm (17:30)

Please, be absolutely quiet in the whole waterfall area.

Never go down alone to the waterfall.

Men and women should go separate.

No nudity, no rituals of any kind, no recording equipment.

Don’t leave anything in the area and don’t take anything from there.

Be attentive to others.

How to?

Dress light and with clothes that are easy to take on and off. Bring a towel.

Women: sandals, slip-ins or flip-flops. Wear your bathing suit under a dress or skirt or shorts with a t-shirt. No jeans, no socks and no running shoes.

Men: sandals, slip-ins or flip-flops. Wear your bathing shorts, either under bigger shorts or if your bathing shorts are like shorts, then wear them. Just have a t-shirt on top. No jeans, no socks, no running shoes.

When we come down to the waterfall area there will be stone benches where we can sit and meditate, in silence. It doesn’t matter if we have to wait a long time. The energy is amazing there. This is a perfect time to set your intention or pray for what you want. When it’s our turn your group leader will let you know. We walk down the ramp and there will be a bench where people usually stop to undress. With us, do not do this. Just proceed down to the waterfall and take off your dress or t-shirt and get into the waterfall to cleanse. All individuals in our group will line up after the last bridge and we hold the energy for the person in the waterfall. Take some time to cleanse then get out and proceed to the gate. Afterwards you silently say thank you to what you believe in: the spirits, universe, energy, your higher self or maybe God.

There is no need to dry yourself or to change clothes to dry ones. You can be wet in the taxi. Just put your slip-ins on and put your dress on or t-shirt and proceed to the gate.

Close the gate after you so the people that are waiting know that there are still people down there.