The Casa

Casa de Dom Inacio, or more casual ”the Casa”, is the spiritual center where John of God used to work as a trance medium and let the Entities (spirits) use his body to communicate with people.

The healing energies and the spirits are all around in the center and many miracles have happened since the seventies, when the Casa was established. John of God, though a great trance medium, has his own shadow sides, which came through in the “me too” movement in Decemember 2018. Despite the fact that John of God no longer was there and the huge crisis this created for the medium, center and the community at large, people were still recieving healing. The Casa has always been filled with beautiful energies and miracles have frequently happened there.

There is a shift going on in the world where the structures of relying on something outside ourselves is being teared down. This is a good thing. We heal ourselves, we heal together, we heal with connecting to our own divine and higher power, not by giving away our own capacity in any way or form to one person. This year it has been more than evident that the healing energies are still in the Casa. Many people are starting to come back and we, Mystic Nomads, are organizing retreats again.

Hundred of thousands of people have traveled to the casa over the years. Are you also ready to bring the magic back to your life? Then read more about our retreat or click here to sign up!