Thank you guys for your words of appreciation. We are honored to take part of all our clients journeys and processes. It’s such a fulfilling job. We are group leaders but we are being guided by all people that are coming to us. You all teach us so much. Therefor we are here to say a big THANK YOU to all of you that has been in our groups during the last years. We love you!

Dear Cecilia, this is just a token thank you gift to say thank you so much for this amazing experience. Although this is a small gift, you have given me so many gifts at my time here.  I don’t think I will ever be able to say thank you enough! You truly are an angel here on earth to help heal those of us who are a little bruised and broken. I definitely believe that we were meant to meet and you were destined to help me find self acceptance, self love and to heal what I needed to heal. I wish you all the best for you and whatever you decide to do next on your incredible journey. I am sure whatever you do next will be in service to God and will be an immense success because you serve without ego, with love and compassion. From immense gratitude and love, Sharnie Everton

Cecilia, I want to thank you again for guiding this beautiful process. This has been a very special week. I can’t imagine not returning to this magical place. I find you to be such an honest, wise, funny, and pragmatic teacher and person. You are an inspiration because you live what you believe and know. Thanks – with much love Pam

Thank you Anita for introducing me to Jana, she is truly a wonderful human being and I love and appreciate her so much. She is on par and everything went excellently well. Her organizational skills are just amazing. Lots of love Aziza

Everything worked out great! Cecilia is an angel and took wonderful care of me and her other clients. Thank you for a great referral. Jerry Conser Author of the popular book; Proof of God 2012

Thank you Vinicius for all the wise words and deep insights into my process. I’m forever grateful for all the lessons I now can take with me to my future. The healing process has been profound and I will always recommend my friends to do this journey with you. I will stay in touch! /Naomi

Thank you Jana! You gave me some insights to my life that I will definitely explore. Thanks for everything you did for me and making the experience positive. Please stay in touch. Hugs Raj Cheema

Cecilia is a fantastic guide and coach and she will support you throughout your whole stay in a very gentle and loving way. She is fun and smart and at the same time extremely professional as she has a great knowledge and deep understanding of the internal healing process. All in all she is an excellent guide and will do everything for you to have an amazing time in Abadiânia. I am so happy that I finally ended up with Cecilia as my guide and I would always recommend her to everyone who wants to their inner work. Jutta Amera Spiritual Birth & Life coach

Dear Cecilia! Thank you so much for your guidance. I am so happy that I found you. Thank you for your love and clarity. This made such a big difference for me. I wish the best of luck with your endeavours in the future. Take care honey!

Dear Vini, It was a pleasure meeting you. Our most sincere gratitude for your tactfull and cheerful guidance. I hope we keep in touch. With love Otto & Monica