Plan your trip

Decided to come yet? We hope so! Start your journey with four simple steps:

1) Look at “Costs & Trip Dates” and decide what group you want to join.

2) Connect via e-mail and tell us what group you have chosen. Wait for the reply to see if there is space in that group. If you get a “yes”, move on to step three. 

3) Book your flight to Brasilia airport. Arrival time on Tuesday before 12.00 and leaving Saturday, the week after (11 nights after arrival day). Then send your flight information via e-mail.

4) Payment is made in cash $1,950 USD on arrival day.

Now everything is ready and you have secured a place in the group. Congratulations on your investment in yourself! The taxi driver will pick you up at Brasilia airport, holding a sign with your name on it. He will be standing immediately after the glass doors after you have picked up your luggage. We look forward to seeing you!