We will have organized meditations during the retreat. Many people have received spontaneous healings in the meditation rooms over the years and the energy is very powerful. The meditation is called the “current” and best describes how we refer to the energy in the rooms.

When you hear someone say that they will sit in “current”, they mean that they will meditate in the beautiful healing energies that the spirits create together with the people sitting in meditation.

In the meditation, individuals are tasked with cleansing the energy. To sit in this room, find a comfortable position, uncross your arms and legs, close your eyes and concentrate. If you are able, follow the instructions of the people leading the room, as they will direct your attention through prayers and visualizations to affect the group energy and fulfill the cleansing tasks at hand.

If you find your awareness is too far off to follow the verbal instructions, trust your higher being (your intuition) to hear the deeper instructions being given and allow your process to unfold. The spirits are present in the room at all times and they are there to support you in your process. Individuals are asked to remain silent throughout the meditation so remember to ask for help using your thoughts.