Crystal bed

The crystal bed, or cromotherapy, is a therapeutic modality that uses a series of quarts crystals specially polished and lit by colored lights. The session of the crystal bed, also called crystal bath, is good for rejuvenation, energy tuning and preparing for subsequent healing work. These sessions help us to balance, purify, and restore our body energy pattern.

The crystal baths lasts for twenty-minute periods in which the person rests on a cot with eyes closed, and is bathed with the light energy of the crystals. Twenty, forty and sixty minute sessions are available. The colored lights that illuminate each crystal correspond to the seven major chakras of the human body. The chakras are the energy centers responsible for making the energy flow through our energy system and meridians. Light and color shine through each crystal in alternating patterns, increasing the vital energy in spirals.

Chakra is a sanskrit word meaning “wheel” and refers to the seven energetic centers of the body. These centers are lined up in a central column, which run from the base of the spine to the top of the head. The Chakras absorb and radiate life-force energy in a rotating movement, to keep the physical body and its subtle body in equilibrium. The system of meridians, as described in Chinese medicine, is a network of energy channels in which the life-force of the body flows. The crystals are able to transmit, store, and modulate energy. The highly organized structure of the quarts crystals allows movement inside photons to be captured and condensed into other forms of matter. The crystals, therefore, allow us to use light and energy in specific modes.

The therapeutic effects of healing with crystals are a result of vibration of the crystals that resonate with the water of our tissues and cells. The structured water has a higher surface tension and binding properties. This is the pure water of a healthy cell tissue. The cancer cells and other diseased cells contain unstructured water. The vibrational patterns amplified by crystal baths, manifest patterns which result in an increasingly higher order, harmony, and perception for the body.