Mystic Nomads

So who are Mystic Nomads? We are three very good friends: Vini, Jana and Cecilia. We love to travel to different spiritual and sacred places.

We also enjoy organizing retreats and being part of people’s transformational process, which we have done for the last 8-10 years. If you like to see what others are saying about us you can click here.


Alejandra, or Jana, as her friends call her, is a loving and fun spirit. She is a true Mystic Nomad and has probably been in almost all spiritual and sacred places across the world. She recently finished “El Camino de Santiago” (see picture above) in October 2019 and I’m sure she would love to tell all our clients of her amazing journey.

Jana is originally from Los Angeles, California and spent many years as the executive director of an NGO that mentored and supported girls to become the first generation in their family to be college-educated.  Jana went on a spiritual journey, just like Cecilia, and when she came home she understood it was time for a change. She quit her job and started traveling. She knew and felt a calling that her life could be different, so she courageously did what many are afraid to do –  left her old life and went into the unknown. If you want to transform your life, Jana is the perfect example and inspiration to do just so. She speaks English, Spanish, and is learning Portuguese.  She is empathetic, courageous and so much fun. There is never a boring moment when she is with you.


Vinicius, or Vini, has been in the spiritual context since he was very young. Working very closely with famous spiritual leaders for many years. He now leads Daime work (Ayahuasca work) and his own spiritual gifts has been developing fast these recent years. His shamanic and psychic abilities are something our clients appreciate very much.

Vinicius works with great love and at the same time doesn’t let anyone bypass what needs to be worked on. For the past 12 years he has organized journeys for people to spiritual centers in Brazil. Being Brazilian himself he knows his way around. He speaks fluent English and of course Portuguese. He is funny, loving and caring. He is the comfort we all can lean on when it’s stormy outside.


I’m Cecilia and it’s me who has been doing all the writing here. It’s nice to meet you virtually and I hope you will decide to come to our retreat. When I transformed my life many years ago, it was after a deep realization in a journey just like this. Even if not everyone will go home and sell everything they own, like me, I do believe that everyone that goes through a process like this retreat will have an inner transformation. What it will manifest is something only the future can tell.

I’m originally from Sweden and have worked as a group leader and organized retreats for the past eight years in Brazil. I’m a professional coach (ICF), Psych-K Facilitator, a certified grief specialist and I’m currently educating myself in Shamanic work in Scandinavia. I speak English, Swedish and Portuguese.

Before I left everything in Sweden and decided to live in Brazil I was a political expert and worked with communication in the Swedish Cancer Society. I have a Bachelor in Social Science. I also love communication and studied PR- and communication in Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm.

But to tell you the truth, where I have learned most in my life, is not from university or communication schools, it’s from life itself. It’s through having relationships, through my travels and through living in other countries and encounter the many perspectives of the world. I would love to support you in your process.