The retreat

Our retreats are different depending on when you come. For example we do have a very unique oppurtunity in January to meet modern day Nostradamus; Jucelino da Luz.

Our retreats always include the following:

  • Clean and private individual room with private bathroom
  • Brazilian food home-made by the ladies in the little village (breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, with vegetarian options)
  • Taxi back and forth to the airport in Brasilia (Brasilia – Abadiânia 1 hour and 20 min). The drive is through beautiful hills and nature.
  • 6 large bottles of blessed water to rejuvenate yourself
  • Taxi to the waterfall (if you do not like to walk)
  • Cleansing in the sacred waterfall surrounded by beautiful Brazilian nature
  • Experienced group leaders
  • 60 min of chromotherapy/crystal bed
  • 12 sessions in the powerful Casa center, meditation and spiritual work
  • Two Ayahuasca ceremonies (if it fits in your treatment)
  • Two individual sessions with Mystic Nomad group leaders
  • Group meetings


In January we will offer a spiritual retreat with world famous Jucelino da Luz. This will be a truly transformational process where you will personally meet and work with Jucelino da Luz. Read about Jucelino here. Here you can find some of his letters that is predicting the future.

In addition to this, the retreat will contain various forms of healing methods so you can get the best possibilities to transform what is needed to change in your life, to finally heal on the deepest level. We offer meditations in beautiful healing energies, cleansing waterfall, cromotherapy, ayahuasca ceremonies (if you are called to do this), individual sessions and group meetings.

The January retreat is from Monday – Saturday the week after, 12 nights. This means you need to book your flight with arrival day on Monday and departure date on Saturday. Dates are 20 Jan – 01 Feb. Price you can see here.

Added healing methods including in the retreat in January:

  • Individual counceling session with famous clairvoyant Jucelino da Luz
  • Spiritual and energy treatment from Jucelino da Luz for your healing