Feeling stuck in life?

Do you remember the old cartoons when the character was thinking really hard about something. The cartoon is walking around in a circle and after a while the ground starts looking more like a hole, and eventually you just see the hat on the character, but he is still moving in the circle, now, of course, further down in the ground. It’s the same when we are feeling stuck. We are asking ourselves the same thing over and over again. We keep thinking in the same circular path, creating our own hole in the ground. The more we continue to do the same – the more stuck we will feel. Here are 4 ways to get yourself unstuck and start moving.

1. Embracing being stuck!
If your emotion is telling you that something is wrong – maybe it’s time to listen. This is your opportunity to make a change in your life because what you were doing is obviously not working anymore. To feel stuck is a sign that it’s time to change. It’s not a bad thing; it’s your higher self telling you that you deserve more. Change your perspective towards the situation and look at it as an opportunity to grow and develop. And to tell you the truth, it has to be like this. You are like a a river, flowing into a large ocean. Often a river becomes narrower and looks on the surface to lack movement just before it breaks through to the bigger body of water. The same thing happens to us as we prepare for a breakthrough in life. Our flow must contract before it can expand. And the contraction is equally important to the expansion.

2. Start from where you are now
It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday or whatever you think could have been or should have been. This way of holding on to the past will only hold you back further from your future and from taking action in the present moment. Let go of old frustrations and release regrets and focus on the positive things you have in this moment. You feel you don’t have any positive things? No problem, at least you have yourself, and the choice to start working towards getting happy, joyful situations in your life again. Start from where you are now – make a list of the things you are grateful for in this moment, and then start planning towards what you want.

3. Follow your excitement
It’s amazing how many people that feel stuck is actually bumping their heads against “shoulds” that conflict with what they really want. I know, because I have been there! It’s  like when we feel “stuck” we also feel a sence of defeat and powerlessnes. To get out of this deep hole is not as difficult as you may think. You have to let your excitement guide you. If it’s difficult to feel excitement at this moment, then start very simple. What do you want in this moment? Do you want to read a book or take a walk? This small steps of consciously always choosing what we like to do the most in every moment will lead you to the right road. Later connect this excitement with an action plan and you have freed yourself from all the shoulds. The combination of excitement, planning and action is what is going to get you out from the emotion of feeling stuck.

4. Create a new belief system
If you feel stuck in your life, then chances are that you have a belief system that isn’t serving you anymore. Many belief systems are created when we are very young. When we grow up we struggle, because our thoughts and belief systems seem so true to us, but maybe it doesn’t really align with us. All of us can change our belief systems. Start by being aware of your thoughts, especially when it’s connected to a negative emotion. If you start observing your thoughts you can also make a conscious effort of changing them and the underlying belief systems. You probably will discover that you would never speak to another person the same way you speak to yourself.  Creating new belief systems and starting changing our inner dialog to a more supportive and loving voice will make a huge difference and will get you to start moving again.

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